Space Industry Opportunities in the Philippines

Diwata Satellite - PhilippinesSpace Sub-System Production
The Philippines has a thriving semiconductor industry which can be harnessed to produce space-grade electronic components.

Satellite Assembly, Integration, and Test
For upstream technology development, the Philippines is venturing into satellite development by leveraging on small satellite technology, such as nanosatellites and microsatellites for various applications.

Space Science Research and Development
The Philippines has been at the forefront of activities related to space science and astronomy such as: space weather research, astronomical observation, and computational astrophysics, to name a few.

Space Applications and Services
For downstream technology, the Philippines has long been a proponent in remote sensing data for use in various applications, such as in forestry and agriculture.

Launch Vehicle Services
The geographical location of the Philippines near the equator presents itself as a viable and more low-cost opportunity for launch services in the future catering to near-equatorial launches.

International Linkages and Partnerships
Located favorably in between Asia and the Pacific, the Philippines has hosted (and will continue to host) various international space events for the development of a robust space industry.